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Introduction to Bodhidaoism

Bodhidaoism is a new philosophy of life designed by Jay Forrest…

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Hurricane Harvey and Climate Change

Hurricane Harvey and the inevitable question of whether climate change is real.

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Not Thinking is Not the Goal

Not thinking is not the goal of Buddhist meditation…

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Spiritual Practices

Discover what makes a practice spiritual…

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Translating Dukkha as Unhappiness

Exploring the meaning of suffering within Buddhism.

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Critical Thinking

An introduction to critical thinking and its importance.

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A Spiritual Naturalist Credo

Here is a short Spiritual Naturalist Credo.

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Evidence for Pantheism

Is there Evidence that the Universe is an all inclusive unity that is Divine?

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Darwin Day – February 12th

What is Darwin Day and how do you celebrate it?

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What is Tao?

What is the Tao and how do Taoists meditate?

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