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Ten Reasons to Complete Your Training Today: Spiritual Naturalism 101 and Star Wars

Better than mere “mind tricks”, our online course introduces time-tested and evidence-based techniques to help you cultivate empowerment and a sense of meaning. Register today.

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The Centrality of Emotion, Part 2: An Ancient Approach to Modern Science

How can we discover a path that makes emotion genuinely central, but which is also rooted in today’s best scientific evidence?

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The Centrality of Emotion, Part 1: What Ancient Philosophy Offers Modern Naturalists

We need more than intellectual principles – we need fully-embodied life practice motivated by emotion.

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Roots of SN, Part 12: Were the Skeptics Naturalistic?

The Skeptics of Greece, another potentially naturalistic tradition, can teach us more about the true definition of naturalism.

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Roots of SN, Part 11: Were the Cynics and Stoics Naturalistic?

“Live according to nature” was the motto of the Cynics and Stoics. Were these traditions naturalistic?

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Roots of SN, Part 10: Were the Atomists and Epicureans Naturalistic?

If the universe is nothing but atoms, what place can there be for gods? The earliest atomists arrived at a surprising answer.

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Roots of SN, Part 9: Was Classical Greece Naturalistic?

How did cultural innovators in the Classical Period spread naturalism through Greek culture — and how far did it spread?

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Roots of SN, Part 8: Were the Ionian Philosophers Naturalistic?

Many believe Spiritual Naturalism is a modern movement – but its true age may surprise you.

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Roots of SN, Part 7: Was Archaic Greece Naturalistic?

Other civilizations laid the crucial building blocks, but what made Greece so ripe for the rise of naturalism?

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Roots of SN, Part 6: Were Archaic Egypt and Mesopotamia Naturalistic?

Could there have been strands of naturalism running through archaic civilizations such as Egypt and Mesopotamia?

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