Ten Reasons to Complete Your Training Today: Spiritual Naturalism 101 and Star Wars

To steal the words of Master Yoda, that little green guy from the Star Wars series, “Complete your training you must!” But I...

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The Centrality of Emotion, Part 2: An Ancient Approach to Modern Science

How can we bring our emotions into right relationship with reality? This is a key question today for Spiritual Naturalists. We want a path...

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The Centrality of Emotion, Part 1: What Ancient Philosophy Offers Modern Naturalists

Emotion is central. As much as we naturalists embrace objective science, the reason we do so is for the sake of the subjective. If it were...

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Roots of SN, Part 12: Were the Skeptics Naturalistic?

Thus far in this series, we’ve found the world’s first Spiritual Naturalists in the Greek Ionians, Atomists, and Epicureans, with...

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Roots of SN, Part 11: Were the Cynics and Stoics Naturalistic?

Live according to nature. This was the motto of not one but two ancient Greek traditions: the Cynics and Stoics. Were these traditions...

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Roots of SN, Part 10: Were the Atomists and Epicureans Naturalistic?

If the universe is nothing but atoms, as modern physics proclaims, what place can there be for gods? None, some might say. Surprisingly,...

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Roots of SN, Part 9: Was Classical Greece Naturalistic?

Last time, we discovered the world’s oldest Spiritual Naturalists* in the Ionian philosophers of ancient Greece.  Yet, they comprised no...

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Roots of SN, Part 8: Were the Ionian Philosophers Naturalistic?

There are those who believe Spiritual Naturalism is but a modern thing, a young sapling in the forest of spirituality.  In this article,...

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Roots of SN, Part 7: Was Archaic Greece Naturalistic?

This series on the history of ancient naturalism began with an overview that tipped my hand: I think naturalism emerged first in Classical...

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