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    DT Strain

    Any other big Star Wars fans here? I’m looking forward to the new movie. I’d have to admit it probably affected my spirituality and philosophies; or at least my mindset growing up by the time I started approaching spirituality. What about you?

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    Aron Gamman

    The first trilogy was influential on me as well, as much as what spiritual figures like Obi Wan or Yoda said in the movies as much as the stories themselves, really, dealing with your father, etc.

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    Naturalistic Jediism week?

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    DT Strain

    Haha! Sounds great. That would have to be the week of May 4th (Star Wars day). Each day we could feature a different real-world philosophy that inspired the Jedi philosophy, and reference the scenes that refer to the concepts. Hmm, I really think that would be great Andy – I’ll add it into the idea mix as we discuss the ‘weeks’ concept going forward!

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    Aron Gamman

    I’m curious, how did you react to “Star Wars: Force Awakens” in terms of the long-term mythology? Do you think it was successful as a next chapter to move it along or just repeated things for the first trilogy? I enjoyed it, but admit that the plot seemed a warmed over version of “New Hope”, but liked the new characters. It certainly hasn’t ended the problems these characters have with fathers, though. I’m most curious about what Han Solo’s issues might have been as a father to cause his son to reject him in such a violent way. Like Luke, he had no father figure, but we admittedly know nothing about his background as person, really.

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      B. T. Newberg

      I liked it and the new characters, and felt it fit the mythology far better than the prequels. Yes, it was very much like the old movies, but it was so much better than the prequels that it didn’t matter. Hopefully, now that the franchise has redeemed itself, it will be confident enough to experiment a little more in the next one. If they want to keep re-hashing, then maybe they should do it more self-consciously by playing with a theme like “history repeats itself” or “like father like son” a little more explicitly.

      I thought it would have been great if the whole Force Awakens movie had stuck with the setting from the opening scenes: a desert world with a local economy based on salvaging the ruins of the destroyed Empire. That could have been a really interesting story.

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        Aron Gamman

        I think it’d be interested if they’d explore the theme of salvaging the ruins of the Empire a little in future, movies, too. It certainly has a mythical significance as you’ve already pointed out. Now that you mention it, several powerful icons show up in the movie, like Darth Vader’s helmet and his light saber, both that seemed lost in previous films.

        Along those lines, I’m definitely getting some themes of what might be called “family karma” going on with the Skywalkers, too, especially with Kylo Ren. I’ve always been curious about using karma in a naturalistic sense, really, that might focus on common patterns in family dynamics that’s more subtle than just the “sins of the father” sort of stories. This just seems an obvious way to tie this story into a spiritual naturalist context…as well as more subtle myth. Just some thoughts to possibly get people started.

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