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Help Support Spiritual Naturalism – Become a Supporting Member Today!

Why join the Society as a Supporting Member? Working to help spread awareness of Spiritual Naturalism, provide helpful materials, and bring people together is ultimately about helping people find happiness – and you can be a part of that. These efforts take time and resources. Our aim is to be able to meet expenses and support staff toward these ends. Through your Supporting Membership in the Spiritual Naturalist Society, you will not only be playing an important role in furthering this cause, but we believe you will be receiving greater value than the modest dues you would donate.

Supporting Membership Benefits:

  • Access to our educational & inspirational archives (a continuously growing collection)
  • Access to special programs and events
  • Discounts on certain items, courses, and other periodic offerings
  • Community fellowship with other spiritual naturalists through our own private forums.
  • Being a part of the Society’s think tank, helping to develop spiritual naturalist thought and practice going forward
  • SNS Newsletter, keeping you informed of the latest regarding the organization and spiritual naturalism.
  • And most of all: contributing to the support of spiritual naturalism as a path to happiness and well-being in the world

Monthly Dues Donation:

  • A donation of $8 per month, on automated withdraw (501(c)3 tax deductible donation)
  • No obligation to continue
  • All donations, whether dues or other revenue, go to paying expenses related to fulfilling our mission of raising awareness of Spiritual Naturalism and building its community. This includes: CPA services; website hosting; other internet related costs; accounts on sites that help us to network and promote local groups; software tools that make online courses, communications, administration, podcasts, and other events possible; reimbursement to staff for supplies and other project expenses; occasional advertising and press release distribution services to grow our community; outreach costs through social media to raise awareness of our articles on Spiritual Naturalism; and our Compassion Fund, a small but growing recycled fund used to offer interest-free microloans to poor people in developing nations. We have an all volunteer staff and no one takes money from the organization.

Those who cannot afford this monthly donation can join as a regular member for free, which does not include the above benefits of Supporting Membership, but does include the newsletter. To learn more or to join as a regular member, please click here.




You can become a Supporting Member any number of convenient and secure ways: with your credit card, PayPal account, check, or money order. We recommend using your credit card to establish automatic payments ($8/month) through our secure website, which is the most convenient to you, and also the most helpful to us in planning our budget. If paying by check or money order, you can mail your dues for the year ($96) payable to: Spiritual Naturalist Society, 2123 Sheridan Street, Houston, TX  77030. USA. We accept dues by traditional mail on a yearly basis because the small amounts on a monthly basis would make processing inefficient. If you have any other questions or concerns about your membership or payments, please feel free to contact us.