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Contributing Writers

The Spiritual Naturalist Society maintains its public articles, members-only materials, and other content through the skilled work of its contributing writers. Writers for the Society include those listed below. In addition, the Society is open to receiving work from various guest writers on an individual basis. If you are interested in applying to volunteer as a contributing writer, or would like to write or submit a one-time piece, please read our writer’s guide and then contact us!


SNS Writing Team

Thomas Schenk has no credentials besides having lived for 50-plus years. He calls himself a space-age Taoist, Black Sheep Catholic, Perennial Philosophy Pantheist, Dharma Bum, which suggests he is not inclined to commitment. Tom maintains a largely unread blog called the Golden Hive of the Invisible, which can be found at [Thomas Schenk’s articles]


brock2Brock Haussamen is a retired English professor living in New Jersey. Over the last couple of decades his interests have turned to assisting those in poverty and to thinking about how nature and science’s description of it can suggest answers for spiritual questions. At his blog, 3.8 Billion Years, he explores the history of living things and the consolation, direction, and guidelines for right and wrong that it offers. [Brock Haussamen’s articles]


jeff-worthyJeff Worthy, a native of the Pacific Northwest, has been a secondary level teacher of literature/composition, college preparatory research writing, and comparative mythology for 22 years. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Washington State University, and a Master of Education degree from City University. In his classes, he specializes in ancient Greek, Roman, and Celtic philosophies and cultural dynamics. He has interests in a variety of spiritual paths and philosophies, including Greek and Roman Stoicism, paganism, pantheism, and druidry to name a few, and his research led him to discover Spiritual Naturalism, with which he felt an immediate and powerful connection. His other interests include reading, writing fiction and poetry, rock collecting, mindfulness meditation, playing the Celtic harp, and traveling with his wife and two children. [Jeff Worthy articles]


Dr_Jay_Forrest150x150Jay N. Forrest
 (D.Min.) is a Spiritual Naturalist and a Humanist Meditation Teacher. Jay is the Education Director for the Spiritual Naturalist Society, as well as being an ordained Humanist Celebrant and a member of the American Humanist Association. Jay is a Certified Meditation Teacher, having been trained in both Zen and Vipassana meditation practices. Jay has taken courses in Buddhism from Harvard University, Princeton University, and the University of Virginia. He is also on Staff at the Secular Buddhist Association. Jay did his undergraduate work at Central Bible College and Berean University, and received his Doctorate of Ministry from Trinity Evangelical Christian University. Jay is the author of a number of books including Practical Buddhism: Wisdom for Everyday Life and Secular Buddhism: An Introduction. He is also on staff at the Secular Buddhist Association. [Jay Forrest’s articles]



Past SNS Writers

sigfried-goldBorn-again atheist, Sigfried Gold, author of, invented a non-existent God to serve as his higher power in a Twelve-Step recovery program. He prays fervently, consults his non-existent deity for guidance, respects religious people, and does other things that, in his words, “unfortunately and unintentionally mystify and piss off many non-spiritual atheists”. He agitates for a world in which every person, no matter how skeptical or idiosyncratic, can find a suitable community to help her live according to her own values, and where religious difference sparks curiosity, not animosity. Professionally he designs information visualization software to help people understand complex data. He has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and a Master of Arts in Biomedical Informatics. He lives in Takoma Park, MD with his wife and two children. [Sigfried Gold’s articles]


Jennifer Hancock is author of, The Humanist Approach to Happiness: Practical Wisdom, Jen Hancock’s Handy Humanism Handbook, and The Humanist Approach to Happiness: Life Skills Course. She writes a freelance column about Humanism for the Bradenton Herald newspaper and publishes the Happiness through Humanism blog and podcast. She is also a speaker, specializing in Humanism, ethics, morality, and what motivates us to be better humans. Jennifer Hancock describes herself as unique in that she is one of the few people in America who was actually raised according to Humanist principles. Her upbringing gives her a distinctive approach to the promotion of Humanism. This has led people like bio-ethicist and author Torben Riise, Ph.D. to claim that she is “one of the finest minds in Humanism” today. [Jennifer Hancock’s articles]


B.T. Newberg is an author, editor, teacher, and husband. Since 2000, he has been practicing meditation and ritual from a naturalistic perspective. Upon leaving the Lutheranism of his raising, he experimented with Agnosticism, Buddhism, Contemporary Paganism, and Humanism. He now blends all these experiences into his life as a Spiritual Naturalist.  After founding the community blog HumanisticPaganism, he currently writes the column Naturalistic Traditions at Patheos and contributes writing and course design to the Spiritual Naturalist Society.  Professionally, he holds a master’s degree in education and teaches English as a Second Language.  Having lived in England, Malaysia, Japan, and Korea, B. T. Newberg currently resides in the place of his birth, Minnesota, with his wife and cat. [B.T. Newberg’s articles]


Gleb headshot - small fileDr. Gleb Tsipursky runs a nonprofit that helps people reach their goals using science, Intentional Insights (; authored Find Your Purpose Using Science, the forthcoming Reach Your Goals Using Science, and other books; regularly writes for popular venues such as The Huffington Post, Salon, Lifehack, The Plain Dealer, as well as for peer-reviewed academic venues; and serves as a tenure-track professor at Ohio State. Email: [Gleb Tsipursky’s articles]


john-vervaekeJohn Vervaeke is an award-winning instructor at the University of Toronto. He is an engaging speaker and available for lectures and media appearances. He is knowledgeable about a wide range of topics including wisdom, mindfulness meditation, psychology, cognitive science, foolishness, artificial intelligence, general intelligence, rationality, popular media, and Buddhism & its interaction with Western society and psychology. His website is [John Vervaeke’s articles]


Guest Writers

These and other guest writers occasionally appear in our public articles, and their bio’s can be found on the pages with their articles…

Susan Blackmore
Poep Sa Frank Jude Boccio
Arthur G. Broadhurst
Geoff Crocker
James Croft
Donald A. Crosby
Michel Daw
Dino Demarchi
Michael Dowd
Jules Evans
Lee Fitzgerald
Mark Green
John Halstead
Rick Heller
Maggie Jay Lee
Ted Meissner
Matt Van Natta
Aine Orga
Helen Weng


Editing Directors

In order of service, with the current editor listed last…

Darren Bell
Jeremy Mattocks
Julie Strain

See also additional authors and contributors to our Spiritual Naturalist Archives here.